‘Cardhop’ for iOS Now Available to Streamline Contacts Management

BY Evan Selleck

Published 27 Mar 2019

In October of 2017, the developers behind the mega-popular calendar app, Fantastical, launched a new app called “Cardhop”.

Cardhop is meant to do for contacts management that Fantastical did for calendar management: to simplify and streamline, while also adding worthwhile features for good measure. Fantastical has become one of the most popular iOS and macOS apps out there, and now, a year and some change later after launching for Macs, Cardhop is looking to shake things up on iOS.

Flexibits is the developer behind Cardhop, and they really have made contacts management a better experience while adding to it at the same time. There is a single search bar at the bottom of the app, which you can use to quickly type in a name, business, or address to find someone you’re looking for. What’s more, you can even input something like “email Stephen” and you’ll be able to quickly start composing an email (in the app of your choice).

That search box will allow you to add new entries, too. Just start typing a name or a number, and if Cardhop doesn’t have that information already stored in the app it will automatically start generating a new contacts card. What’s even better is that you don’t have to go field by field to enter information. You can just type something like “Stephen Whiskers 555-555-1000 [email protected]” and Cardhop will automatically fill in the blanks.

There is an exclusive “business card mode” for the iOS version of the app. Have the app open and turn your phone over into landscape and it will automatically pull up a business card for yourself, including a QR code. Have someone else scan that code and it will automatically add your contact details.

To build your contacts list, Cardhop will since with Google or Microsoft Exchange, whichever you prefer.

Cardhop for iOS is launching today at a reduced price of $4. However, Flexibits says it will go up to $5 at a later date, following the limited window. It will work for both iPhone and iPad. You can find a link to the app below.


  • Cardhop for iOS — $4