How to Check the Hidden Battery Percentage on iPhone X

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 22 Nov 2017

Check iPhone X Battery Percentage

One of the first things I do after getting a new iPhone is to enable the battery percentage from Settings. The little battery indicator isn’t really helpful. It’s more of an estimation. If you’re going to use your iPhone all day, it really helps in knowing exactly how much battery percentage is left on your iPhone.

But in iPhone X, there’s no settings item for enabling battery percentage in the status bar. Because of the notch, there’s not enough space on the right edge of the screen to put up the battery percentage. So now it’s hidden behind the Control Center. And to see it here, you don’t need to enable any setting.

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How to Check Battery Percentage on iPhone X

On your iPhone X, swipe down from the top-right part of the screen – the right ear next to the notch. This will bring the Control Center.

But the way Control Center animates, you see the top items first and fairly quickly. At at the top you’ll find status bar icons that couldn’t fit next to the notch. The first of which is the battery percentage.

iPhone X Control Center Battery Percentage

To quickly view the battery percentage, swipe down just bit from the right ear. When swiping down, move your finger to the right so that your finger won’t cover the battery percentage when it becomes visible.

Even before the controls show up, you’ll see the battery percentage. Swipe up again to dismiss the Control Center without even opening it.

Control Center iPhone X Battery Percentage 2

This same thing works in landscape mode too. Swipe down from the top-right section. First, the status bar will show up, then the controls.

Control Center iPhone X Battery Percentage 1

iPhone X Control Center Does A Lot

The Control Center in iOS 11 is at an awkward place but it can do a lot. You can expand widgets to show more controls and you can even add more controls to the bottom of the Control Center.

If you find it difficult to access Control Center on iPhone X, try using the Reachability feature. You can even set it up as a shortcut using AssistiveTouch’s virtual home button feature.

What do you think of the new Control Center and the status bar placement thanks to the notch? Share with us in the comments below.