DIY Instructions to Increase iPhone Camera Zooming

BY Andy

Published 29 Nov 2009

DIY manual to improve zooming on iPhone

The native camera app on the iPhone is very basic to be honest. There are a lot of iPhone apps in the App Store that let you take better pictures and those that offer a lot more functionalities not available on the native app. 

However, there is nothing like doing-it-yourself to be able to take pictures on your iPhone with better zooming capacities. 

Folks at tell us how to go about doing this. Things you need are a pickle jar lid, a few lenses scrapped from old cameras and a few other pieces of scrap. The idea is basically to fit a swiveling jar lid on the outer side of the iPhone with the help of a suction cup. By punching measured holes on the jar lid, you may be able to fit the lenses in such a way that these lenses can combine with iPhone's camera lens to magnify shots while taking pictures. Want flash? The DIY manual also teaches you how to set up a battery powered LED lamp over this carousel set-up. 

The end result is a good swiveling arrangement with lenses offering different zoom capacities which you may appropriately use while taking pictures. You may also have an open hole in case you want to take pictures with your regular camera. 

Read the complete set of instructions below:

Like it? Please don't forget to let us know if you try this with your iPhone.  

Thanks Egypt for the tip!

[via Wired]

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