DIY: Turn an Old Phone into an iPhone Docking Station

BY Jason

Published 10 Dec 2008

iPhone Docking Station

We have seen some interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for the iPhone, the most recent one was the Airplane Holder for the iPhone which quite a few readers thought was an excellent idea.

But you got to love this DIY project by fonejackerhacker which turns an old phone into an iPhone docking station, just for the retro look and the effort that seems to have gone into making it.

fonejackerhacker from UK explains his DIY project:

Rotary Dial 1940’s Phone fitted with an iPhone speaker dock. One speaker behind the dial (10w) on the front of the phone and two speakers in the handset (2x 3w). The IR sensor and controls are fitted to the side of the phone and docking port is hidden under the receiver when the hand set is off. I would like to get this working so when the handset is removed the power turns on and turns off when returned. The 3.5mm external port still works and the power cable removes.
As the donor speaker was an official ‘works with iPhone’ product all of the normal charging and iPhone features are uncompromised.

He goes on to tell us about his future plans with this project:

I am working on a version that has a microphone on the handset and with the use of an iPhone .app that I am developing you will be able to use this as a handset for the iPhone, or as a headset.

It apparently took him 7 hours to make the iPhone docking station and plans to publish a "How To Doc" sometime in the future.

You can see some of the photos which gives some clues on how the doc was assembled below:

iPhone Docking Station 
iPhone Docking Station

iPhone Docking Station   iPhone Docking Station

iPhone Docking Station 
iPhone Docking Station

You can also checkout the video of how it all works below:

Okay, I must admit it is not something I will spend my time on, but as I mentioned earlier, liked the retro look and the effort that seems to have gone into making it.

How about you?

[fonejackerhacker via BoingBoing]

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