How to Earn More Toad Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run

BY George Tinari

Published 22 Dec 2016

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In Super Mario Run, rally tickets are your key to participating in the toad rally. This is where you compete against other online players to collect coins, gain the support of toads, and ultimately unlock new bonus games and rewards in your Mushroom Kingdom.

You do get a bundle of toad rally tickets as soon as you fork over $9.99 to buy the full game. After that, it becomes a little unclear how to get them consistently from there. So here are your four best methods for obtaining new toad rally tickets in Super Mario Run.

Collect All Pink, Purple, and Black Coins

Every level in tour mode of Super Mario Run has five pink coins. They’re usually in slightly harder to reach places than regular coins, which pose a challenge. If you collect all five of these coins, you get rewarded with two toad rally tickets. Try this for each level and if you succeed, those tickets will quickly start to add up.

Better yet, once you collect all five pink coins in a level, you have a new challenge: collect the five purple coins. The purple ones are located in different places than the previous pink. Collecting all five gets you two more toad rally tickets. Then finally, that same level will have five newly located black coins. So in total, you can get six rally tickets from one level alone just by getting all of these specialty coins.

Be prepared to spend some time on this though — these coins aren’t always easy to obtain.

Beat Bosses on First Try

When you get to a boss stage in tour mode, you have an opportunity to earn more toad rally tickets. This one is tricky though because you only have one initial chance to do so. If you manage to beat the boss at the end of the stage on your very first try, you’ll get rally tickets in the treasure chest instead of coins. If you lose your life at all before eventually beating the boss, your chance at rally tickets has vanished. Instead, you’ll get a whole bunch of coins.

Coins aren’t a bad reward either because if you get enough, you can eventually use them to build out your kingdom with bonus games that can put you on track toward more tickets. Keep reading for details.

Play Bonus Games

Once you’ve earned enough coins you can start to build out your Mushroom Kingdom. Tap Build on the bottom right to shop for new buildings which unlock new bonus games. Then place them anywhere in your kingdom and tap to play.

The bonus games come with opportunities for more toad rally tickets, but you have to be crafty. For instance, the first one I placed had me choose one door out of two to enter, then another door out of four to enter. At the end only two of the doors awarded rally tickets while the other treasure chests offered nothing.

Once you play a bonus game, you have to wait eight hours before playing again.

Buy Toad Rally Tickets with My Nintendo Coins

My Nintendo coins are another lesser known currency in Super Mario Run. You get them by linking up your Nintendo account and completing basic objectives in the game like adding a friend, playing in a toad rally daily, and clearing worlds in the tour. When you get enough My Nintendo coins, you can spend these on rewards which include coins and toad rally tickets.

Tap My Nintendo in the Mushroom Kingdom, then tap Missions. Here, you can see everything you need to do to collect as many My Nintendo coins as possible. If you’ve already done some of them, you’ll be able to tap Collect underneath to get your coins.

In the Rewards tab, you’ll find a packages of five and ten toad rally tickets. Five cost 150 My Nintendo coins and ten cost 250 — the better value. If you have enough earnings, tap Redeem underneath the reward to get your tickets.

The 99 Ticket Rule

Above are all of the best methods for earning toad rally tickets in Super Mario Run, but I thought I’d end with an important note. For reasons unknown, Nintendo limits the amount of toad rally tickets you can have at a given time to 99. This could change in a future update, but for now that’s the way it is.

As such, it’s a good idea to try not to earn all of your toad rally tickets at once. Earn some, spend some playing rallies, then earn more so you never reach the point when you’ve maxed out.

Best of luck!

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