Electronic Arts Announces Sweet Deals On iPhone Games – Up To 80% Discount

BY Andy

Published 2 Apr 2010

EA sweet deal

Electronic Arts, the developer of many popular gaming applications for the iPhone as well as other platforms has announced a Spring Sale on close to 24 of their iPhone games

The sale that has been announced for the Easter weekend and lasts till April 5. 

Here are the iPhone games that are now available at a discount:

SCRABBLE (40% off): This iPhone app which brings the classic word game to the intuitive iPhone user interface now sells at the App Store for $2.99 (iTunes link).

MONOPOLY (40% off): There is hardly anyone who hasn't played the trading game. The iPhone game (our review here) lets users play in three differently styled 'rooms' : Retro, Contemporary and Futuristic. Now on the App Store for $2.99 (iTunes link).

The Simpsons Arcade (80% off): The iPhone app version of The Simpsons lets users race Homer through 25 levels in close to 6 environments. The various navigational controls are beautifully integrated to the iPhone's touchscreen interface. Available on the App Store for $0.99 (iTunes link). 

The Game of LIFE (33% off): This colorful game comes with amazing 3D graphics, seamless navigational controls, multiplayer gaming options and a variety of options that has made it extremely popular. The app is now at a price tag of $1.99 (iTunes link).

Madden NFL 10 (29% off): Easily one of the best iPhone gaming apps for football lovers, the Madden NFL 10 application comes with comprehensive roster management, season modes and amazing player and stadium detail. The app is now priced for $4.99 (iTunes link).

NBA Live (29% off): This hugely popular iPhone app for NBA fans will let you take on all the 30 NBA teams and lets you play in season, play-offs and exhibition mode. The discounted version of the app is now available for $4.99 (iTunes link). 

Dragon's Lair (40% off): As the valiant Dirk the Daring, fight your way through evil goons and monsters in this exciting adventure game. The Dragon's Lair is now available at the App Store for $2.99 (iTunes link).

American Idol (50% off): Use this app to audition for the American Idol judges, watch show videos, play songs on the move and also perform your own music. This iPhone app is now priced at $0.99 on the App Store (iTunes link).

Mystery Mania (50% off): This is a simple adventure game that takes you through 27 rooms with traps and secrets that you need to unravel the riddles that you come across. Mystery Mania is now priced $0.99 (iTunes link).

SPORE Origins (50% off): Another exciting game that exploits the iPhone's accelerometer to its full extent as you navigate through 35 levels of treacherous caverns to survive yourself from being eaten by the stronger creatures. Spore Origins is priced $0.99 on the App Store (iTunes link). Spore Creatures (72% discount) is available for $1.99 (iTunes link).

BATLLESHIP (33% off): Batlleship is a naval battle game for you to engage in exciting challenges to sink enemy battleships. You may plat the game in Classic Mode or Salvo mode. The app is now available for $1.99 (iTunes link).

CONNECT 4 (33% off): Connect 4 lets you play the popular checker dropping game in three different modes : Classic, Challenge and Advanced. The game also lets you play in multiplayer modes over Bluetooth, Wifi or Pass-n-Play. You can now find the app on the App Store for $1.99 (iTunes link).

Littlest Pet Shop (33% off): This is not an app for everyone but should appeal to those who like to virtually play, dance or dress their pets. Users are allowed to collect 3 pets that they can play with. The app is now priced $1.99 (iTunes link).

Anytime Pool (50% off): One of the more realistic pool games for the iPhone, Anytime Pool lets you play against 14 different characters with different skill levels. Now available for $0.99 (iTunes link).

SNOOD (67% off): The popular puzzle game lets you play in 5 levels of difficulty in 4 different modes. The iPhone app also lets you play in multiplayer mode with Facebook friends. Snood is now available for $0.99 (iTunes link).

TRIVIAL PURSUIT (40% off): In this knowledge game, players answer through 3500 text and picture questions. The game also lets you challenge your friends in multiplayer mode. Trivial Pursuit is available at the App Store for $2.99 (iTunes link).

Clue (50% off): Solve the mysterious death of the millionnaire in this iPhone version of the classic board game that features the 6 original suspects Scarlet, White, Peacock, Mustard, Plum and Green. The application comes at a price of $0.99 on the App Store (iTunes link). 

BOGGLE (50% off): This app is the iPhone version of the exciting word search board game. The app lets you play in 3 leves of difficulty and also lets you challenge your friends. Boggle is now priced at $0.99 (iTunes link).

YAHTZEE Adventures (33% off): Yahtzee is an exciting dice-based adventure game that involves a lot of strategy and luck. The multiplayer mode lets you play against 4 players. The iPhone app is now priced at $1.99 on the App Store (iTunes link). 

Mass Effect Galaxy (50% off): One of the very interesting adventure games on the iPhone, Mass Effect Galaxy lets you take on the role of Jacob Taylor as he tries to avert an attack on the Citadel pace station. The application is now available for $0.99 (iTunes link). 

Star Trek (50% off): This game requires no introduction. Navigate through the USS Enterprise and engage with Khotak elite fighters in this exciting space game which is now available for $0.99 (iTunes link).

Wolfenstein RPG (50% off): Take on the role of Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz as he ventures on a mission to save the world from the evil Axis Army from Castle Wolfenstein. The discounted app is now available for $0.99 (iTunes link).

Lemonade Tycoon (50% off): Get started with your lemonade business and work your way up by managing the price, location, recipes, advertising and staff. This exciting gaming application is now priced at $0.99 on the App Store (iTunes link)

We hope you enjoy these iPhone games at discounted rates this Easter. 

[via EA Games]