Some users unable to download Facebook app update from App Store [Update: Fixed]

BY Jason

Published 9 Nov 2013

Facebook’s iOS app doesn’t seem to be having a good week. Yesterday, the app was crashing for many users on launch, but the issue was quickly resolved from Facebook’s end. Today, Facebook released an update to the app (v6.7.1) with “Bug fixes,” but users are unable to download the update from the App Store.

When trying to update on iOS, App Store shows an error saying “Unable to Download App. Facebook could not be downloaded at this time.” A similar error shows up when updating from iTunes on the Desktop that says “There was a problem downloading the artwork for Facebook.”

facebook app store error

facebook itunes error

And as the iTunes error suggests, there does seem to be something wrong with Facebook’s app artwork, as seen on Facebook’s iTunes preview in the browser.

facebook itunes preview

It’s not clear if the issue is with Facebook’s app, or with Apple’s App Store.

If the failed update has resulted in a disabled icon as shown below, a fix is to delete the app and reinstall it again from the App Store. This however doesn’t seem to install the latest version (6.7.1), but at least it works without any issues.

facebook app icon

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been facing the same issue, and whether a clean install fixed the issue.


If doing a fresh install didn’t work for you, this tip suggested by Steve W in the comments below might help you (Thanks Steve!):

You don’t have to delete and re-install. Go into the App Store and touch the circular icon and it will enter the update status again. This time don’t click install and you can keep using it.

Update 2:

You could revert back to the older version of the Facebook app until the issue is resolved. Check this post for the instructions on how to revert back to the older version of an app. It seems to be working for few users.

Update 3:

The issue seems to be fixed now. A number of readers are reporting that they’re able to successfully install the Facebook 6.7.1 update. We were also able to install the update. Thanks everyone!

Let us know if this worked for you.