Facebook brings more paid-for sticker packs to Messenger thanks to PicoCandy

BY Evan Selleck

Published 16 Nov 2015

Facebook paid-for stickers

Stickers have been around for quite a bit within Facebook Messenger, but the social networking giant is turning things up a notch in its sticker game with the help of another company.

While Facebook has had access to stickers for a bit of time now, it’s been a more conservative approach when compared to other messaging platforms out there, including Line. As noted by TechCrunch, things could be changing in a big way, though, as Facebook has partnered with a startup located in Singapore called PicoCandy to bring a new range of stickers to Messenger.

For Facebook, this isn’t that big of a change. The social network has kept its own sticker packs free, and plans to keep it that way, while third-party apps have offered stickers for a certain monetary value for a bit of time as well. PicoCandy’s packs are relatively cheap, starting from $0.99 to $1.99, and cover a range of symbols, including McDonald’s (which is actually free), puppies and more.

Facebook, for its part, isn’t getting any of the cut from the purchases made within these third-party apps, which has been the case right out of the gate.

The kicker here is that PicoDaily is offering its services to Facebook Messenger through its own app, so for the folks that want to use the paid-for (or free) stickers in the social network’s messaging app, they’ll need to download PicoDaily, too, when they want to buy or download new stickers. This is the way that Messenger has handled third-party apps right out of the gate, with the app being updated to support them earlier this year.

However, it’s not a secret that it’s not the smoothest process. According to the initial report, Facebook is planning on integrating stickers across the board, like it has done in the past with GIF support, so it could be getting easier at some point in the future.

“The [Messenger] user experience is not the most ideal,” she admitted. “Facebook is taking steps to make it more conducive for users. We’ll [also] work on things to improve the experience, so it won’t just be standalone. It’s coming up soon, [but] this is the first part.”

The PicoCandy app for Messenger on iOS is a free download, and there’s a link below to install it for those that want to try it out.

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