iMobileCinema Allows Playback of Embedded Flash Videos on your iPhone

BY Jason

Published 20 Dec 2008

Support for Adobe’s Flash is one of the most requested features by iPhone users since its launch.

iMobileCinema, a jailbreak iPhone app has just been released for iPhone firmware 2.2 which allows playback of flash videos embedded in web pages on your iPhone.

iMobileCinema is a Safari plugin which allows playback of flash videos embedded in web pages on your iPhone.

It currently supports sites like YouTube, Google Video and the developers of iMobileCinema are currently working to provide support for many more websites.

You can checkout the demo video of iMobileCinema below:

I tried this out on Google Video and YouTube and it seemed to work quite well on pages that have a single embedded video. But I would recommend you to avoid installing it for now as the beta version appears to be quite buggy and seems to mess up mobile version of websites which have multiple embedded videos. Here are some of the known bugs:

1. Dragging the seek slider while playing cause crash.

2. Pausing or rebuffering may cause no audio.

3. Not response on the gravity inducer.

However, if you are the adventurous types then you will need a jailbroken iPhone to install iMobileCinema. On your jailbroken iPhone, just add or to your sources in Cydia and install iMobileCinema.

I got URL not found quite a few times, so you might need to try adding the URL multiple times to add the resources successfully. Also remember to restart your iPhone’s Safari
browser to get this going.

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[iMobileCinema via Gizmodo]

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