Flat-Edged Apple Watch Design Envisioned in Patent Filing

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 19 Nov 2021

apple watch series 7

In a new patent application, Apple has laid claim to a flat-edged Apple Watch design previously believed to be for the Apple Watch Series 7. This documentation shows that Apple did indeed consider using a edgy design for the Apple Watch at some point.

Before the Apple Watch Series 7 was released, speculation was rife that the wearable would sport a design similar to the iPhone 13, characterized by flat edges and squared-off bezels. However, that rumor turned out to be inaccurate since the Apple Watch Series 7 features a chassis largely unchanged from the Apple Watch Series 6. However, the new patent says the chassis of a future Apple Watch “may have a generally rectangular shape when viewed from the front.”

Apple initially filed this patent for a “wearable electronic device with glass shell” in May 2020, and around 22 of the 28 included drawings match parts of the previous claims. The remaining drawings could pertain to the current-generation Apple Watch design or the flat-edged chassis.

It should be noted that patent drawings are usually illustrative and don’t reveal much about the finished product. This patent focuses on the Apple Watch’s chassis called the “shell.” Apple also lays claim that the sidewalls of the shell “may be curved, rounded, semicircular, or any other suitable shape.” Addressing the illustration’s depiction of beveled edges, the patent says “the transition between the sidewalls and the top or front walls of the shell … maybe sharp (e.g., defining a distinct apex or edge), curved, chamfered, rounded, or the like.”

Interestingly, Apple’s 18,000-word document mentions “flat” just thrice. However, this filing’s revelation does add weight to the rumors that a variation of the Apple Watch could resemble an aluminum matchbox. That said, a patent application is no guarantee that the product will see the light of day.

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