Video: New Apple Watch’s ‘911’ Ad Showcases Its Life-Saving Potential

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 2 Jan 2022

Apple Watch Emergency SOS

Apple’s latest advertisement titled “911,” for the Apple Watch Series 7 demonstrates three incidents where the wearable came in clutch and helped save lives. The suspenseful advertising plays back call recordings and thankfully doesn’t feature any disturbing visuals.

The ad includes excerpts from three 911 calls where Apple Watch users Amanda, Jason, and Jim were able to contact emergency services only because of the wearable. Amanda’s car had flipped over after an accident and began to fill with water. One of the other callers said he was out paddleboarding and was drawn too far out to sea by the wind, and the third caller said he broke his leg at the farm and couldn’t get to his phone.

The ad concludes by saying that the callers were rescued in minutes in all three instances. In the video description, Apple wrote, “These are just three of many incredible stories where people were able to get help using Apple Watch.”

The ad suggests that buying an Apple Watch could save your life when you can’t get to your iPhone because you can dial 911 directly from your wrist. The wearable has an Emergency SOS feature so you can speed-dial emergency services by pressing and holding the side button and dragging the on-screen slider to initiate a call.

Note that if your Apple Watch doesn’t have cellular connectivity, you should have the iPhone nearby for Emergency SOS to work. Alternatively, the Apple Watch should be connected to a known Wi-Fi network, and Wi-Fi calling must be set up for the feature to work in the hour of need.

Make sure to check out Apple’s guide on how to set up the Emergency SOS feature on Apple Watch, if you haven’t already.

Apple also tweeted another ad where the Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature helped save a person who fell unconscious after a mountain biking accident.

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