Google Brings Push Gmail to iPhone Users

BY Jason

Published 22 Sep 2009

Google Brings Push Gmail to iPhone

Google had released Google Sync in February this year, which allowed users to sync Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with their iPhone.

Google has finally announced that they’re adding Gmail support to Google Sync for iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Windows Mobile devices.

This is amazing news if you use Gmail as Douglas Gresham, Software Engineer, from the Google Mobile team explains:

“Using Google Sync, you can now get your Gmail messages pushed directly to your phone. Having an over-the-air, always-on connection means that your inbox is up to date, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Sync works with your phone's native email application so there's no additional software needed. Only interested in syncing your Gmail, but not your Calendar? Google Sync allows you to sync just your Contacts, Calendar, or Gmail, or any combination of the three.”

Google Brings Push Gmail to iPhone

If you’ve Google Sync enabled on your iPhone for Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar then you might have to enable it by going to Mail, Contacts, Calendar –> Gmail Account and then enabling Mail by tapping on the On/Off toggle. 

If you haven’t enabled Google Sync then you can checkout this excellent guide to set it up on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Google Sync is supported only on iPhone OS 3.0 or above and if you want to use it with Google Apps then your administrator needs to enable it.

Unfortunately, since you need Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to enable Google Sync, you won’t be able to enable it on multiple Gmail accounts as you can setup only one one account using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

But I’m excited as I have been waiting for this feature for a very long time. How about you? Please don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us how it goes.

Note: It looks like Google is either hitting issues due to the massive flood of users trying the feature or they’re enabling it in a phased manner as some users are reporting issues.

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