Google Maps Brings Real-Time ETA ‘Journey Sharing’ to iOS

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 Oct 2018

Google Maps for iOS gains real-time ETA and journey sharing

“Journey Sharing” is a feature that the Google Maps team rolled out for Android users last year, which allows for folks to share their real-time location with those they approve.

And now that feature is rolling out for iOS users as well. Announced on Thursday, Google has confirmed that the Journey Sharing feature is now rolling out to the iOS Google Maps app. With this feature turned on, you can share your trip progress to folks you want to share with. This will give them the ability to see where you are in real time, with constant updates as you progress.

“Getting where you need to go is important, but making it to your destination safe and sound is the most important thing of all. Today, Google Maps is improving journey sharing on Android and bringing it to iOS, making it easier to share your ETA with loved ones so you can keep your hands off your phone and your eyes on the road.”

To get it to work, you just need to hit the “^” icon, then select “Share trip progress”. You can then share your route, your ETA, and your live location. You’ll select those to share with from your favorite contacts. That’s not all, though, as Google is also adding this feature to share with third-party apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others.

This new feature is rolling out now for iOS users. You can check out Google’s original marketing video for the feature below.

Google Maps has been getting a lot of attention recently. Back in September the app gained Apple CarPlay support, and earlier this month Google added Apple Music integration to Google Maps.

Are you still using Google Maps as your go-to navigation app?

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