Google Photos Update Will Let Users Edit Live Photos

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Sep 2016

Google Photos iOS app icon

Apple’s Live Photos are still one interesting aspect of Apple’s newer devices, so it’s no surprise to see other companies wanting to work with them in one way or another.

Google is one such company. Not too long ago it launched an app called Motion Stills, which allows users to save Live Photos as a GIF or movie, and at the same time make the Live Photo easier to share across platforms/services. It allowed for editing, too, all within a separate app. But now iOS users that also take advantage of Google Photos, and who don’t want to install another app like Motion Still, have something to look forward to.

Google is updating Google Photos to version 2.0, and, with it, baking in some of the editing features from Motion Stills right into the app. This means that Google Photos users can edit, and save, Live Photos right in Google Photos. They can be saved there in the cloud, and shared as well.

Here’s the official changelog:

    What’s New in Version 2.0.0

    Live Photos bring photos to life with sound and motion, but can suffer from the everyday bumps and shakes that happen when you take photos. Plus, they can be hard to share with friends who don’t have an iPhone.

    Now, using advanced stabilization and rendering, you can make your Live Photos smoother and more shareable in just a tap. Google Photos can freeze the background in your Live Photos or create sweeping cinematic pans, turning your Live Photos into beautiful, captivating moments. Easily save it as a looping video and share it with anyone.

    Also in this update:
    • Choose a new thumbnail for faces in People
    • Sort photos in albums chronologically or by recently added
    • Easier sharing to YouTube
    • Performance improvements

The newest version of Google Photos is rolling out now, so keep an eye out for it. If you want more advanced editing options, though, you’ll still need to download the Motion Stills app.


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