Hack Allows Pokémon Go Users to Move around in the Map without Jailbreaking iPhone

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Aug 2016

Pokemon Go

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of Pokémon Go has been how Niantic and Nintendo managed to include the AR aspect into the game. While a handful of AR based games for smartphones do exist, none of them ever managed to garner as much interest as Pokémon Go.

On the downside, for regular Pokémon Go players, this means that every time they feel like catching a Pokemon they have to actually go outside and play the game. At the end of the day, it’s understandable that not everyone has that kind of energy left to hunt for Pokemon and fulfill their dream of becoming the best Pokémon trainer out there. While there are hacks that let one spoof their location in Pokémon Go, they are only available for jailbroken iOS users.

However, a new hack has been discovered that lets Pokémon Go players move anywhere in the map without having to jailbreak their phone and without themselves physically moving. The hack requires one to uninstall Pokémon Go from your iPhone, install the three files mentioned in the video below, change one setting and you’re done. It is not exactly simple though since you will have to manually sign the three files that you need to install on your iPhone. And since the certificate will expire in seven days, you will have to repeat this process once a week.


Nonetheless, if you want to become the best Pokémon Go trainer out there, this hack will definitely help you achieve that dream of yours.