Huge PUBG Mobile Update Brings Refreshed Mad Miramar Map and Improved Graphics to iPhone

BY Asif Shaik

Published 7 May 2020

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update

Tencent Games announced a huge update to its immensely popular game, PUBG Mobile, earlier this week. The new update started rolling out to iOS devices today and it is available for free. It brings an updated Miramar map, improved graphics, new weapons, protection from cheating, and Royale Pass Season 13.

The new PUBG Mobile update bumps its version to 0.18.0. The new version is available for download from the App Store and has a file size of 2.21GB. Those who play the updated game on the iPhone before May 13 would receive one radio, 2,888 bonus points, and three Lieutenant Parsec Backpacks for free.

The biggest change to the game comes in the form of an updated Miramar map. It is now called Mad Miramar and it features improved graphics. New visuals in the map include an oasis, a race track, sandstorm effects, and a new vehicle (Golden Mirado). There is also a Mad Miramar audio theme for the main menu, Miramar achievements, and Miramar events.

PUBG Mobile BlueHole Mode

The Erangel map gets the BlueHole Mode soon. It will have two zones: an outer zone and an inner zone. Players inside the inner zone will lose health if the outer zone is still active. All the supplies in the map now spawn with a 50% increase compared to the classic Erangel map. Moreover, players in the map can revive their teammates in just four seconds.

The new update also brings the Jungle Adventure mode. Players would get a random chance to enter the Jungle Adventure mode in the Sanhok map. It brings a variety of new features and challenges such as finding totems to receive a blessing or an item, finding and eating jungle food for mysterious effects, and a hot air balloon to survey the map.

PUBG Mobile P90 SMG Gun

The PUBG Mobile v0.18.0 update brings the P90 SMG to the Arena Mode, and it is helpful in close quarters. In the Classic Mode, users also get a chance to use Canted Sight with their guns, allowing them to quickly switch between the 1x view and the zoom view. The Win94 gun now has a new 2.7x scope as well.

If players get killed by cheaters or those who were using plugins, they would get a confirmation. Then, the match will turn into a Point Protection Match. All the points deducted from the player for getting killed will be returned to the player and a notice will be sent to them via an in-game email.

PUBG Mobile Detailed Results Page Design

Other changes to the game include the new Detailed Results UI screen. Players would now have an option to see detailed results such as in-depth stats. Other features include improvements to the settings UI, death replay view, weapon and attachments, firearm balancing, and K/D statistics. The game also works better on devices with weaker or older processors.

The Royale Pass Season 13 will launch on May 13. Check out the trailer of the PUBG Mobile update in the video below. You should also check out our top 25 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to get the chicken dinner.

[Source: PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games]