Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial – Windows Edition (at last)

BY Jason

Published 23 Aug 2007


It has been only 2 days since folks at Gizmodo published the really helpful hands-on tutorial to load the updated version of "" onto your iPhone making it very easy to install unauthorized third-party native applications (or iPhone hacks) onto your iPhone.

However, at that point the step by step guide was only available for MAC OS X users and the only advice I had for iPhone users who had Windows computers though not very helpful was to borrow their friend’s MAC for 15 minutes to load "" on your iPhone.  Not any more, as the great folks at Gizmodo have now published the Windows edition of the hands-on tutorial.

Please find below a hands-on tutorial for Windows which will show you how to load "" onto your iPhone and then show you how easy it is to install third-party native applications onto your iPhone over Wi-FI or Edge. If you are looking for a hands-on tutorial for MAC OS X, see, 20 August 2007, Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial – MAC OS X Edition.


  • Download iBricker from here and the Installer application package from here.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using the provided cable.
  • Deactivate the iPhone automatic synchronization in iTunes before proceeding and close iTunes.


  • Run iBrickr. iBrickr is the Windows application that makes it dead simple to modify your iPhone, add and manage custom ringtones, and install third-party applications.
  • It will guide you through the steps to do the Jailbreak, the process that will allow you to install Nullriver’s Installer apps (as well as many other cool things.)
  • Once you have performed the Jailbreak, install the Installer.pxl package from the Applications view.

You might find the video below of using iBrick by NateTrue, the iPhone hacking genius himself quite useful: