HomeKit Features Leak via iOS 14 Code: Face Recognition, Night Shift for Lights, Apple TV Audio

BY Asif Shaik

Published 10 Mar 2020


Apple has been steadily adding smart home features year after year via its HomeKit APIs in newer versions of iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. Now, some more HomeKit related features have been leaked via iOS 14 code, and the list includes face recognition support for security cameras and Night Shift for smart lights.

It looks like Apple is expanding the feature set of HomeKit later this year via iOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7 updates. 9To5Mac has been able to get its hands on iOS 14 code and they dug through it to find traces of some upcoming HomeKit features.

Apple already lets users control smart lights, turn on or off based on time and certain triggers, and change their brightness as well as color temperature for lights that support those features. Now, it appears that users will be able to dim the brightness and change the color temperature of compatible smart lights throughout the day with the Night Shift feature. Cooler temperatures are preferred during the day, while warmer color temperature would be preferred during the night.

Another HomeKit feature that we could see later this year is the face recognition support for compatible smart home security cameras. The iPhone maker will roll out face identification and maybe an ability to offer notifications for specific people in the family. HomeKit already offers object recognition and motion detection for people and pets.

With the upcoming tvOS 14 update, Apple TV users will also be able to permanently set the audio output of the media player to compatible AirPlay speakers. For example, users can permanently set their Apple TV’s audio output to come from a HomePod in the room, without the need to choose the smart speaker every time from the AirPlay 2 menu.

Our Take

Of all the features leaked via iOS 14 and tvOS 14 updates, we think that face identification will be particularly interesting as users will receive personalized notifications. The tvOS 14 feature that lets users permanently set the audio output of the Apple TV is certainly handy as well. It will be really helpful for users who want to pair AirPlay 2 speakers with their Apple TV.

[Source: 9To5Mac]