Apple Releases HomePod 14.2.1 Software with Stability Improvements

BY Jing Moreno

Published 8 Dec 2020

Following the release of iOS 14.2.1 to the iPhone 12 lineup in late November, Apple has today released the 14.2.1 software for HomePod and HomePod mini.

The 14.2.1 software is only available for HomePod and HomePod mini. Like in the past, this update also brings improvements in overall performance and stability.

The new software will be automatically installed on ‌HomePod‌. However, users can manually update and check the firmware version through the Home app, whereby users will be able to check for an update.

HomePod 14.2 Software added support for new Siri and Intercom functionality. With that update, Home Theater mode now available to most users.

Starting with the 13.4 software, the HomePod operating system is based on tvOS. Prior to this, it was built on iOS.

The transition of HomePod software from iOS to tvOS saves some development work. That’s because Apple TV and HomePod are devices that are plugged in and don’t need to be optimized to conserve power like iOS. These two devices can also serve as HomeKit’s Home Hub, which could also be the key factor to share the code now.

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