How to Control HomePod with the Touchpad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 23 Feb 2018

HomePod is designed to be used with Siri. You just talk and HomePod will play the music for you. But that’s not the only way you can use the HomePod. At the top of the unassuming cylinder, you’ll find a touch-sensitive screen. This touchpad can’t really display information but it will glow when you’re using Siri. And you can tap on it to get things done. Here’s how you can use the touchpad on the HomePod.

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Get Siri

If you don’t want to use the Hey Siri keyword, just step up to the HomePod and tap and hold in the center of the Touchpad. Siri will be invoked and now you can talk to her.

Music Playback

Usually, you can just shout “Hey Siri, stop” when there’s music blasting and the HomePod will pick up your voice. But if that’s not working, or if you don’t want to use your voice, try the following commands.

Play/Pause: Tap on the touchpad once to stop or resume playback.

Next Track: Double tap on the touchpad to skip to the next track.

Previous Track: Tripple tap on the touchpad to go back to the previous track.

Change Volume

When you’re playing something on the HomePod, you’ll find Plus and Minus buttons on the touchpad. These can be used to change the volume.

Increase or Decrease volume: Tap on the Plus or Minus volume button to increase or decrease the volume, one notch at a time.

Increase or Decrease volume continually: If you want to keep on increasing or decreasing the volume, just tap on hold on either the Plus or the Minus button.

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