How to create checklists in the Notes app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 31 Jan 2016

The Notes app has been one of the most improved applications in Apple’s recent years. From its humble and very basic beginnings, Notes has become a tiny powerhouse with editing features, iCloud syncing, embedded links, and of course checklists. The ability to add checklists in Notes was introduced in iOS 9. We covered all of Notes features before, but creating checklist is still one of the most popular uses within the Notes feature set. Let’s check out how to create interactive checklists on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

How to create checklists in the Notes app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

The best thing about the new checklists in Notes is that they are interactive. While you always had the freedom to create a checklist of items by simply typing it into Notes, you can now create a fully interactive checklist with marks indicating completed tasks. The new Notes is available on iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan or newer.

Notes - Mac - List

Also, if you are using Notes in your iCloud, your checklist will sync across all your devices. So, if you write a grocery list on your Mac at work, it will be available on your iPhone once you’re in the car. Very convenient.

How to Create a Checklist on your Mac

Open the Notes app on your Mac. In the toolbar there will be an icon that has a circle with a check mark enclosed. This is what you will click anytime you want to add a checklist to a Note. An items that is not checked off will have a large, empty circle. To check an item off the list, just click on the circle and it will turn into an orange check mark.

Notes - list

The checklists work very similar to bullet points. At the end of your first item, press enter to create a second item, and so forth. To end a checklist, press enter twice consecutively or tap on the checklist icon.

How to create a Checklist on your iOS Device

Open the Notes app on your iOS device and compose a new Note, or open one that already exists. Tap anywhere in the compose section and you will see a plus icon appear – tap it.

iOS Notes - Add

This will bring up the formatting options where you’ll see the checklist icon on the far-left. Once you tap the icon, a blank checklist button will appear where you can type in your task. You can also move the cursor next to an already listed item and tap the checklist button to create a mark. To mark an item as done, simply tap inside the empty circle.

Listing - Notes

The Notes app is great on both iOS and Mac OS X. So if you are looking for a checklist app in the App Store, don’t bother. Notes is free, simple to use and comes with additional features that transfer easily from multiple devices.

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