How to Disable Email and iPhone App Notifications in LinkedIn

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 5 Apr 2017

change linkedin notifications

LinkedIn is a necessary evil. It’s the last place you actually want to hang out. But, being active on LinkedIn might lead you to better career opportunities. So you end up creating the account, filling up your profile, installing the app. Only to be annoyed by the email and app notifications. Today, we’ll put an end to that.

How To Disable Email Notification Settings in LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s website was recently redesigned. It looks a lot like Facebook now. In the process, the settings for email notifications have been reshuffled. Actually, you won’t even find a page that expressly says that this is where you can turn off all email notifications. No, it’s under “communications” and “email frequency”. But we’ll get there. Follow the steps below and mind your step. This is LinkedIn territory.

Go to the LinkedIn website and login.

Step 1: Click on your profile picture in the top-right and select Settings & Privacy.

linkedin email notifications 4

Step 2: Then, click on Communications.

linkedin email notifications 1

Step 3: Here, you’ll find a list of things LinkedIn wants to communicate you about. First click on Email Frequency and disable the items you don’t want LinkedIn to email you about.

linkedin email notifications 2

Step 4: Then come back to the Communications page and go through everything. You’ll be able to disable notifications about group invites, messages and more, all from this page.

linkedin email notifications 3

How To Disable Notification Settings in LinkedIn iPhone App

In the LinkedIn iOS app, there are multiple ways to change notification settings. Using iOS’s Settings app, you can disable all notifications for LinkedIn altogether. Even from the app, there are two different ways. We’ll focus on the most exhaustive option.

Step 1: Open the LinkedIn app and from the bottom navigation bar, tap on Me.

linkedin app notifications 5

Step 2: Then tap on the Gear icon in the top-right. This will open the Settings screen.

linkedin app notifications 4

Step 3: Tap on the Communications tab.

linkedin app notifications 3

Step 4: Then select Push Notifications.

linkedin app notifications 2

Step 5: You’ll now see a huge list of all the different ways LinkedIn can send you a notification. If you want to disable a particular kind, tap on the toggle button next to it to disable the notification.

linkedin app notifications 1

You can also disable email notifications from the app. From the Communications tab, select Emails. Then turn off the email notifications you don’t want to get.

How Do You Use LinkedIn?

So what do you use LinkedIn for? To socialize with your peers? To find a better job? Share with us in the comments below.