How to Find Your Sprint Mobile Data Usage on Your iPhone

BY George Tinari

Published 22 Nov 2016

Sprint HQ

Sprint users looking to keep a closer eye on their data usage need to look no further. And Sprint users who don’t care to track their data usage might want to listen up. It’s both easy and free to check your data usage at any time right from your iPhone. In fact, it’s highly recommended too. Keeping track of your data helps afford any overage fees or throttling, which some carriers employ to slow data speeds until the end of your billing cycle.

There are two primary ways to check your Sprint data usage from your iPhone. They take seconds and require no human interaction whatsoever. What a delight!

Send a Quick Text Message to Sprint

Unlike other carriers that have you dial short codes to receive a message about your usage, Sprint does things a little differently. If you’re a Sprint customer, you need to text Sprint directly instead.

Just open the Messages app on your iPhone and send “Usage” to 1311.


Within seconds you should get a text message back with current minutes used this billing cycle, data used, and text messages sent and received. The texts to and from Sprint for this information, by the way, are free.

Also note that if you’re on a shared data plan, the data usage in the text represents the entire pool of usage so far, not just yours.

Download the Sprint Zone App

Sending that quick text message is convenient, but if you want a more comprehensive look at your usage this month, definitely download the free Sprint Zone app. (In fact, just download it anyway if you didn’t yet. It’s handy to have as a Sprint customer.)


Photo: Sprint

Log in with your Sprint username and password. If you don’t know it or don’t have one, you can create one upon downloading the app. Once you’re in, you’ll get a look at your upcoming bill, upgrade eligibility, service appointments and more. But what we’re interested in is the usage statistics.

The app’s main screen shows you your minutes, texts used and total data used. Tap “Usage details” for more information.


Photo: Sprint

Over on this screen, you can check out the shared data usage as well as a breakdown of individuals’ usages if you’re on a family plan. It’s a good idea to check back to this screen often throughout the month to make sure other members of your plan aren’t hogging all the data. You can also view your mobile hotspot usage here as well as any data you used while roaming.

If you ever have any questions about your data plan and usage that you haven’t found an answer to in the app, you can always contact Sprint’s customer service at 888–211–4727.

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