How to Find Your T-Mobile Mobile Data Usage on Your iPhone

BY George Tinari

Published 17 Nov 2016

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T-Mobile has had a lot of data plans over the years from traditional tiered ones to Simple Choice and now totally unlimited options. Regardless of what plan you’re on, it’s good to get in the habit of checking every so often what your data usage looks like across the monthly billing cycle.

There’s no need to make any phone calls with customer service for this. In fact, the two easy methods below allow you to check your data usage whenever you want right from your iPhone. Keep in mind that these only apply to T-Mobile customers.

Check Data Usage with T-Mobile Short Codes

The quickest way to sporadically check data usage is to use one of T-Mobile’s short codes. (You may have heard of this referred to as star codes or dial codes too.) These are just small number and symbol combinations you dial to get instant information from the carrier.


All you need to do is open the Phone app on your iPhone, then select the Keypad tab. punch in #932# or #WEB#. Press the green Dial button and in seconds, you’ll get an alert from T-Mobile with your usage so far during this billing period.


While you’re at it, T-Mobile has other short codes you can use for additional information about your usage habits. Dial #674# or #MSG# for how many text messages you’ve sent and received, #646# or #MIN# for how many minutes, or #999# for prepaid minutes if you’re on a prepaid plan.

Download T-Mobile App

For additional details about your usage, family’s usage or billing, you’re better off just downloading the free T-Mobile app. This provides a much more extensive look at your usage habits this month and for previous months.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store, log in with your T-Mobile ID. If you never created one when signing up for T-Mobile, you’ll need to create a new account which you can do right from the app. After logging in, look for the Data Usage section. It’ll show a brief summary of your line’s usage so far. For more details, tap “View usage” over on the right.


This will give you a break down of how every line on your plan is using their own data. You can also change your plan from here. Keep in mind that if you’re on a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan, you won’t face overage charges if you reach your data limit. Instead, T-Mobile will throttle your data down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle.


If you’re worried about using up that 4G LTE data too soon, keep checking the app every so often to monitor your data habits during the month. If you have any questions, T-Mobile lets you contact customer service directly from the app. Just tap Message Us or Call Us at the top.

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