How To Fix Telugu Character Bug Crashing Messages App on iPhone and iPad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 16 Feb 2018

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Another week, another Messages bug. While this is nothing like the ChaiOS bug we saw a couple of weeks back, the Telegu character bug will crash the Messages app and will reboot your iPhone or iPad. This can happen when someone sends you a message using a special character in the Telegu (Indian) language in the Messages app or third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Outlook.

If you’ve encountered this bug and are now locked out of the Messages app, don’t’ worry. All you need to do is ask your friend to send a message.

Official Fix is Coming Soon

Apple has announced that they’ll release an update for iOS, watchOS, and macOS that takes care of this issue. It will be a small, incremental update that will see the light of the day before iOS 11.3 release.

How To Fix Telegu Messages Bug

Step 1: As your friend to send a message using plain text.

Step 2: Keep your iPhone open and unlocked. You’ll see the notification for the message come in as a banner. Tap on it.

Telegu Messages Bug Fix 1

Step 3: Quickly hit the Back button to go back to the list of conversations.

Telegu Messages Bug Fix 2

Step 4: Find the conversation which includes the Telegu character, swipe left on the thread and tap on Delete.

This should fix the issue. Once the conversation is deleted, you can block the sender till Apple releases an update.

If it’s happening in a third party app, you can just delete the app, reinstall it and then delete the conversation.

Bugs Everywhere

The last couple of weeks have been rough on Apple. It seems like there’s a new, device crashing bug every week. A lot of them seem to be related to the Messages app.

Do you think Apple should take a break from releasing big banner features in iOS 12 and focus on dealing with bugs and other stability issues in iOS? Share with us in the comments below.