Some iPhone X users Reporting Display Color and Contrast Issues in iOS 12

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 23 Sep 2018

iOS 12 Problems

DPReview reports that some iPhone X users are reporting that iOS 12 significantly degrades the quality of their display. Reddit user shannister reports “slightly washed out screen, colours popping less and blacks appearing more greyed out” after installing the iOS 12 update.

Another reddit user also confirms the issue:

Was searching to see if anyone else had this problem too. I definitely noticed that things look washed out with poor contrast. I tried turning off True Tone which made it better but I’m so used to True Tone now that I don’t know what to actually use.

Another user reports a similar issue:

The OLED panel on the iPhone X had such wonderful colours and contrast on iOS 11. After the iOS 12 update, the colours and the contrast have been ruined on my iPhone X

Some iPhone X users are also reporting similar issues on the MacRumors forum. Forum user writes:

Does anyone else feel like your iPhone X Screen.. the colors look… off after updating to iOS12?

Some users are even speculating that Apple has done it to make the new iPhones, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max more appealing. It is a bit far fetched.

It doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue as none of our readers have reported the issue. I believe the issue is being noticed by users who have enabled Increase Contrast in the Settings app (General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast). It is possible that Apple has made some adjustments for that setting in iOS 12.

If you’re noticing the issue after installing the iOS 12 update, then try couple of things to fix the issue:

  • Disable Increase Contrast.
  • Disable Reduce White Paint (which reduces the intensity of bright colors), if you had enabled it previously (Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Reduce White Point)

Have you noticed the issue with your iPhone X display after upgrading to iOS 12? Let us know if the solution mentioned above fixed the problem.

Hat tip: DPReview

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