iPhone Users Reporting Audio Stuttering and Skipping Problems in iOS 11.3

BY Andy

Published 16 Apr 2018

iOS 11.3 Problems

A number of users are reporting on Apple’s Discussion forum that they are facing audio related issues after upgrading to iOS 11.3.

It has been more than two weeks since Apple released iOS 11.3 to the public, which includes a number of new features and improvements such as the Battery Info feature for older iPhones, new Animojis etc.

A number of users are reporting that the music stutters, skips and at times freezes. Some users are reporting similar issue while using the Podcasts app as well.

iPhone user Jerry Bell tweets:

Anyone else noticing that iOS 11.3 (released yesterday) causes stutters and pauses in music?

Kassandra reports a similar issue:

Yes iOS 11.3. My downloaded music begins to “stutter” at certain points when playing when the phone is locked.

Jack also confirms he is facing a similar issue:

Updated to iOS 11.3 and now every time I’m listening to music it starts doing this stutter and like skipping thing and it’ll freeze for a min. Anyone else having this issue?

I initially thought that this could be due to poor connectivity but based on Kassandra’s comment, the user was facing the issue even with downloaded music. According to users on Apple Support Communities, the audio skipping issue seems to be happening with both the native Music app and Spotify.

Some users are reporting audio related issues even while making phone calls:

iOS 11.3 on iPhone 7+. Audio pausing/skipping/echoing during music playback, phone calls, etc… 🙁

I haven’t faced the issue on my iPhone X after upgrading to iOS 11.3. Whenever I have had issues with music playback (I use Apple Music), it is usually because of the mobile data connection. But based on the number of users reporting the issue, and the fact that it is happening across Apple Music and Spotify, and downloaded music, we can’t rule out a software bug that is causing the problem. Restarting the iPhone also doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Are you facing audio related issues after upgrading to iOS 11.3? Let us know in the comments.