How to Force Quit When iPhone App Hangs or Free up Resources Used by an iPhone App

BY Andy

Published 1 Feb 2010

next gen iPhone

What do you do when an iPhone app hangs? In older versions of the iPhone OS, namely iPhone OS 1.0 and iPhone OS 2.0, a 'press and hold' of the home button would most often do the trick. It was also a good trick to free up resources used by an iPhone app.

However, users who have iPhone OS 3.x.x installed (that's almost everyone of us) will notice that this no longer works as holding down the Home button activates Voice Control on iPhone 3GS and does nothing in case of iPhone 3G

So how does one force quit an application in iPhone OS 3.0 and above? Here is a simple solution to force quit an iPhone app when it hangs or if you want to free up resources used by it.

Step 1 : Press and hold Sleep/Wake button of your iPhone

next gen iPhone

Step 2 : You will now be shown the  'Slide to power off' screen

Force quit iPhone app

Step 3 : Press and hold the Home button for 5-6 seconds.

next gen iPhone

Following these steps should solve the problem. Let us know if you still face any trouble in force-quitting applications. Please leave your feedback in the comments.