How to Hide App Icons on Apple TV

BY Jason

Published 14 Jul 2013

Last year, Apple released an icon centric interface for Apple TV. It made it easier to rearrange app icons on Apple TV’s main menu/home screen.

In case you’re not aware, you can also hide app icons on Apple TV’s home screen.

Here’s how to hide app icons on Apple TV’s main menu:

  • Launch the Settings app from Apple TV’s home screen.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Parent Controls.
  • Then scroll down to the app you want to hide and press Select on the remote to hide it from the main screen. You will notice that the status of the app changes from “Show” to “Hide”. You can repeat this step for all the apps you want to remove from the home screen.


Note: You don’t need to turn on Parental Controls to hide the icons, however if you want to prevent someone from changing these settings then you need to turn on parental controls. If you’ve enabled Parental Controls then you will get a third option “Ask,” which is not relevant to hiding an app on Apple TV’s home screen but as you might have guessed is useful for parental control as it will prompt the user for a passcode to access the app.