How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone X in 3 Simple Steps

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 4 Nov 2017

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

Yes, we all love Touch ID but actually, Face ID is even more seamless in actual use – in all measurable ways. It authenticates simply when you look at the iPhone X’s screen. The same goes for the setup process. With Touch ID, you’d have to put your finger in every possible awkward angle. For Face ID, you just move your face around and the camera and sensors do the job.

Face ID, as we’ve learned already, is a sophisticated biometric authentication system that’s built on IR blaster, a dot projector, and the camera. So it builds a rich 3D map of your face when you first set it up. This data is saved on the device, in the Secure Enclave. And because Face ID makes a 3D map of your face, it can’t be fooled by your selfie, printed portrait or even a professionally crafted mask.

The 3 easy steps to set up Face ID on iPhone X are as follows:

When you’re first setting up your iPhone, you’ll get to the step where the iPhone will ask you to enable Face ID.

Step 1: Tap on Get Started

On the Face ID page of the setup process, tap on Get Started.

Step 2: Move Your Face in a Circle

Set up Face ID Step 1

The screen background will fade to black and you’ll see a circle in the middle. Make sure your entire face is clearly visible inside the circle. Then, iPhone X will ask you to move your face in a circle. Here, just try to draw a wide circle in the air using your nose.

Step 3: Repeat The Gesture

Face ID scan step 2

You’ll be asked to do the same once again, this time, slower. And you’re done. Face ID is all set.

How to Set Up Another Face Using Face ID

Touch ID would let you scan up to 10 fingers and they didn’t have to all be from one person. Face ID, currently only lets you add one face. So if you want to pass your phone to a family member or you want to rescan your face, you can do so from Settings.

Step 1: Go to Face ID & Passcode Section

On your iPhone X, open the Settings app. From the list, select Face ID & Passcode.

Step 2: Reset Face ID

Tap on Reset Face ID.

You’ll now start the same Face ID setup we saw above.

How to Disable Require Attention Feature for Face ID

An important part of your relationship with Face ID is eye contact. Face ID won’t authenticate unless you’re looking directly at the iPhone. While that added layer of security is appreciated, it’s possible that this feature might get in the way for some users. You might wear special sunglasses that don’t let IR through. Or you have vision impairments that make it difficult or impossible for you to look directly at the screen. In that case, you can disable the Require Attention feature from settings.

Step 1: Go to Accessibility

From the Settings app, go to General -> Accessibility.

Step 2: Toggle Require Attention for Face ID

Turn off the Require Attention for Face ID feature.

What Do You Think of Face ID?

From first impressions, it looks like Face ID works as advertised most of the times. And sometimes, like entering passwords on websites and apps, it’s truly magical. What do you think of this new system? Share with us in the comments below.

[GIFs via Six Colors]