How to Take Awesome Depth Effect ‘Portrait mode’ Selfies on iPhone X

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 14 Nov 2017

iPhone X Seifle Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting 1

The iPhone X is one hell of a selfie camera. And most of what makes it so great is not the 7 MP camera module itself but the TrueDepth sensors housed in the now infamous notch. Using all the sensors and some software smarts, iPhone X is able to blur the background in a sophisticated manner. And then there’s the new Portrait Lighting effect feature which brings professional level lighting effects to the iPhone.

When done right, the results are amazing. No blurry photos, no loss in detail. No weird lighting effects. Here’s how to take awesome depth effect selfies on iPhone X.

How to Take Portrait Mode Selfies

Step 1: Open the Camera app and switch to the front-facing camera.

Step 2: Tap on the Portrait button.

iPhone X Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting Selfies 7

Step 3: Tap on your face and move the phone based on the instructions on the screen.

Step 4: You’ll see new options above the Portrait button. These are for Portrait Lighting effects. Swipe horizontally on it to switch between different effects. Try the Studio effect and Stage effect.

Step 5: You’ll see the preview of the depth effect and lighting effects live. When you’re satisfied with what you see, tap on the shutter button. The end result won’t be exactly what you see (I’ve found that the captured photos deal with blur a lot better than the live previews). And you can go to the Photos app and end the selfie later as well.

Tips for Better Selfies

iPhone X Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting Selfie

iPhone X’s got you covered with the technology. You just need to add a bit of skill set for increased photo quality.

  • Light source: Make sure the light source is lighting up your face directly and that the major light source isn’t behind your back. This will lead to some very dull and grainy selfies.
  • Angle it: If you wear glasses, you might have to change your angle so that Portrait Mode doesn’t just blur them out entirely.
  • Hair: The front-facing Portrait mode isn’t great when it comes to messy hair. So if you’re getting the shot you want, consider doing your hair a bit differently.
  • Stage mono effect: The Stage Mono lighting effect is amazing when you get it right. The background gets pitch dark and only your face is in focus, in white. But to get it right, you’ll really need an even source of light so TrueDepth sensors can determine the depth difference between the foreground and the background.

Add Portrait Lighting From Photos App

If you’ve clicked photos in Portrait mode, you can go to the Photos app at any point in time and add a Portrait Lighting effect.

Step 1: Open the Photos app and select the photo.

Step 2: Then tap on Edit.

iPhone X Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting Selfies 1

Step 3: At the bottom, you’ll see the Portrait Lighting carousel. Swipe between the effects to preview them. Tap on Save when you like the portrait effect.

How to Remove Portrait Lighting Effect and Portrait Mode from Photos

It will happen. Sometimes, Portrait mode will screw up the image badly.

Step 1: Open the photo in Photos App and tap on Edit.

Step 2: To remove the Portrait Lighting effect, bring the carousel back to the first position where it says Natural Light.

iPhone X Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting Selfies 6

Step 3: To disable the Portrait mode altogether and to get rid of the depth effect, tap on the Portrait button at the top.

iPhone X Portrait Mode Portrait Lighting Selfies 4

Step 4: Save your photo and you’re done.

The Best Cameras in Any iPhone

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Do you think the iPhone X is the best selfie camera available right now? It might just be. What do you think of the new cameras on the iPhone X? Share with us in the comments below.