Facebook Photo Sync Rolling Out to More Users: Here’s How to Turn it On

BY Tris Hussey

Published 30 Nov 2012

2012 11 30 12 04 54

If you have an iPhone, running iOS 6, fire up your Facebook app and you might see a little message that Photo Syncing is ready for you. A little over a week ago we learned that Facebook was rolling out this feature to iOS users (it’s been a feature on Android phones for a while) and now it looks like more people are starting to see the feature available. Best of all, this doesn’t require an app update, if you have the latest version of the Facebook app, all you’ll have to do is turn it on—if you want.

With Photo Sync Facebook wants to become the far and away leader in photo sharing online. It will quickly eclipse all other sites in short order even if just a few people enable this feature. Facebook, btw, is already the leader, this would just cement the lead to…just mind boggling levels.

Photo sync in iOS only works on iPhones running iOS 6. Nope, iPads can’t do it. I guess Facebook doesn’t want to encourage people taking pictures from their tablets. Getting started with Photo sync is drop-dead easy. Here’s how to start:

There are (at least) a couple ways to turn on photo syncing in Facebook. If you fire up the Facebook app and see something like the picture above, then tapping “Get Started” will bring you to a screen like this:

2012 11 30 12 05 06

Just tap “Sync Photos” and the app will start uploading to a new tab in the photos section called “Synced” on your phone.

If you don’t see that little “Get Started” message, here’s how to turn on Photo syncing (or see if you can).

First slide the screen to the right and tap on your own profile (this is something folks didn’t explain well I thought):

2012 11 30 12 05 40

Then tap Photos:

2012 11 30 12 19 19

Scroll to the bottom and look for the “Synced” button, if it’s there, tap it:

2012 11 30 12 05 58

If Facebook has turned on Photo syncing you’ll see the same “Introducing Photo Syncing” screen. If not…just wait.

If you do turn on Photo syncing, while the sync process is going, tap the lithe gear in the corner to adjust how the app syncs:

2012 11 30 12 24 55

And then you’ll see this screen:

2012 11 30 12 06 16

That’s it! The Facebook app will start uploading your pictures to a private album from there. But here’s the thing:

Do you want to automatically upload your photos to Facebook?

For the sake of this post, I turned it on, but as you can see I disabled photo syncing. Why? I just don’t trust that the photos that I upload as private will stay that way.

How about you? You going to turn on photo sync and trust Facebook?