How to Trade Pokémon with Friends in Pokémon Go

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 16 Aug 2018

Pokemon Go

The word Pokémon itself makes you feel nostalgic and sends chills down the spine of 90s kids. Yes, it’s just a cartoon but it was so much more than that. It was something that brought a bunch of nerdy kids together.

And now, in the word of smartphones, Pokémon Go is doing it for the entire world. Hundreds of millions of people are still playing this game, are getting out in the real world and exploring new places. So much so that Pokémon has a new game now called Pokémon Quest.

But now, the developers have added a new feature. You can now trade Pokémons with your friends. It’s a very simple and safe system. Just add your friends and trade with them. In fact, it’s so simple that there isn’t even a chat feature (which is very common on multiplayer games).

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How to Trade Pokémons in Pokémon Go

Trading Pokémons in the game is easy. You just need your friend to be a registered Pokémon GO user to carry out the trade.

The other condition is that your friend should be a registered user and should be in close proximity or should be living in a nearby area.

The game searches for the players that are around you and notifies you about their proximity. Once you get the notification, you can browse your friend list and start trading Pokémons with your friends and wait for them to return the favor.

Pokémon Go How to Trade

The most interesting feature of trading is that you can trade the Pokémon’s after having a look at the type and the kind of Pokémon’s that your friend possesses.

At any time if you feel that you are the one losing out in the trade then you can instantly cancel the trade.

You can direct the terms of the trade according to your wishes and then increase your gaming experience.

Once you have agreed on the trade, then the game redirects you to a traditional style Trading screen where you can see your Pokémon leave and also watch the Pokémon that you are receiving.

You can even say goodbye to your Pokémon before it leaves. The trading also increases your level of friendship which may enable you to upgrade your level and then you can exchange high-level Pokémons which can only be unlocked when you have reached a certain level of friendship.

The game allows you to trade with a person again and you can know about the latter’s Pokémons before trading. The other condition is that you at least need to be at LEVEL 10 before trading and at least 13 years of age, which is pretty normal for each and every player.

For each and every trade, you require money which you can spend in terms of Stardust. This is the currency for each and every trade and it is 100 Stardust for each trade (which is pretty reasonable).

As your friendships increase, you can get discounts while trading which may go as high as 96% with your best friends. The game allows you to trade up to 100 Pokémons a day which is a pretty good deal.

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Go Trade

Now that you know the nitty gritty of how trading in Pokémon Go works, get out there, call up your poke-buddy and start trading!

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