Apple may add iCloud Bookmarks to its iCloud website

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 29 Jan 2014

A hiccup in Apple’s iCloud server hints that Apple may be adding bookmarks to its iCloud website interface. The above screenshot, captured by 9to5 Mac, appeared when users try to install the Chrome extension from the iCloud Control Panel for Windows.

Though the page could be referring to the iCloud Bookmarks extension, this is unlikely as browser extensions are already available and would not need to be labeled as coming soon.

It’s more likely that Apple is working on a way for users to view their iCloud bookmarks through Apple’s iCloud interface. This would allow users to view and possibly manage the bookmarks when they are away from their personal computer.

Though Apple doesn’t err too often, the company is not infallible. In May 2012, a leak from Apple’s website showed the upcoming Notes and Reminders app. These were later introduced alongside iOS 6.