iControlPad: Play iPhone Games With Physical Buttons And Joystick

BY Andy

Published 26 Feb 2010

iControlPad to turn iPhone into gaming console

We first wrote about iControlPad nearly two years ago. It's a pretty cool iPhone accessory that will help you replicate a gaming console experience on your iPhone by augmenting touch screen controls with actual analog joystick based controls. 

The accessory allows you to slide your iPhone or iPod touch into a casing containing joysticks and physical buttons, which is connected to the iDevice through the dock connector and lets you play iPhone games in much the same way as you would on a mobile gaming device like a PSP.

The developers of the accessory have now announced that mass production of the iControlPad is currently underway and it should come to the markets pretty soon. There will be two versions of the accessory on offer. The basic version will contain a sleeve that fits in the iPhone and shall come equipped with a D-Pad, ABXY action buttons as well the basic function keys – Start and Select. An advanced version of the iControlPad will also contain an internal battery to supplement your iPhone's battery. 

The iControlPad website claims that supply in the initial batch shall be limited. There is however no word yet on the launch date or pricing though we expect an imminent announcement in this regard. We will update you on the same when that happens.

The iPhone accessory works only with jailbroken iPhones

It's pretty cool. Check out the demo video of iControlPad and let us know your views on this.

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