iFixit Tears Down New the M1 24-inch iMac

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 25 May 2021

M1 iMac xray

The iFixit team has done a teardown of Apple’s M1 iMac revealing all its internals or the lack of it. Interestingly, it looks like Apple is assembling the new iMac in Thailand instead of China, likely due to tariff issues.

As for getting inside the iMac, the process is the same as previous iMacs. You must cut through the glue holding the display and the rear panel together.

The 24-inch iMac’s logic board is similar in size to the M1 MacBook Air. It is located a the bottom chin of the machine, which is actively cooled using a pair of fans that blow air inward. The heat is then dissipated using two small heat sinks. Like other M1 Macs, the CPU, RAM, storage, and power management chips are all soldered on the logic board itself.

M1 iMac Teardown

A nice design touch from Apple is that it uses the Apple logo at the rear of the iMac as an RF-pasthrough window for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, though, unlike previous iMacs, the antenna itself is not Apple-shaped. The iFixit team did find a “mystery button” with three LEDs on the iMac’s logic board. It will reveal the purpose of this button and LEDs in the full teardown. My best guess is that it is used for diagnostic purposes.

For now, the iFixit team has not published their full teardown of the 24-inch M1 iMac, so its repairability score and details of other internals are not yet known.

[Via iFixit]