iMac Pro Officially Discontinued, No Longer Available for Purchase From Apple’s Website

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 19 Mar 2021

iMac Pro discontinued

A few weeks after Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, the company has officially removed the product from its website. iMac Pro, as of this afternoon, is no longer available for purchase via both Apple’s website and the Apple Store app.

A couple of weeks back, Apple removed all the customized versions of the iMac Pro with only the base $4,999 version being sold. At that time, the product page said that the machine is only available “While supplies last.” Earlier today, ‌the iMac Pro‌ went out of stock in the United States and other countries, and now the machine has been completely removed from Apple’s website.

Apple has deleted the iMac Pro page from its website. If you try to visit the official iMac Pro listing URL, the website just redirects to the Mac homepage. Similarly, the section has been removed from the official Apple Store app, and even doing a search does not bring up ‌iMac Pro‌ listings.

iMac Pro was more of a stop-gap solution for the company, with creators and professionals asking for a powerful machine until the company announced its new Mac Pro in 2019. iMac Pro looked the same as normal iMacs, but shipped with beefier internals, including Intel Xeon CPUs, up to 128GB RAM, and more powerful Radeon GPUs.

Apple is known to be working on a redesigned iMac. iMac is reportedly getting a major overhaul this year. The new iMacs are expected to feature slimmer bezels with rounded edges like iPad Pro, a flat back like Apple’s Pro Display XDR, and powerful M-series chips. Many leaks and rumors point to a year-end release for the redesigned iMac.

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