Installer App 4.0 Early Beta which Simplifies Unofficial iPhone Apps Management Leaked

BY Jason

Published 4 Aug 2008

Native iPhone App - Installer App - Package Info

The early beta version of the popular Installer app which was seeded to developers over the weekend has been leaked.

Installer app is one of the most anticipated applications by iPhone users who had hacked their iPhone, as it simplifies unofficial native application management on the jailbroken iPhone and is equivalent to the App Store application for the official native iPhone apps.

I had reported last week that the iPhone hacking community have been working hard to release the new and improved version of the Installer app which also works with iPhone firmware 2.0.

The beta version of the Installer app was distributed to developers of the unofficial native iPhone applications so that they could get the repository for their applications ready for the new repository format that has been introduced in Installer 4. However, someone seems to have leaked it.

Since Installer app is still early beta and has not been officially released, the number of native iPhone applications that are available via Installer 4 is quite small currently.

Folks at who have managed to get their hands on the early beta version have provided a guide to install the Installer app.

So if you are adventurous who wants to try the early beta and do not have an issue to get your hands dirty with some command-line stuff then the guide goes like this:

  1. After you have downloaded and extracted the Installer 4.0 beta archive from this link. You need to upload it to your device.
  2. Open WinSCP and login to your iPhone or iPod Touch. – The username is ‘root’ and the password is ‘alpine’.
  3. Upload the ‘’ folder to the /Applications/’ directory.
  4. Hit Ctrl+T.
  5. Type these commands:
    • chmod -R 777 “/Applications/”
    • chmod a+srx “/Applications/”

    Hit execute.


    Restart your iPhone or iPod Touch and you’ll have your Installer 4.0 beta app installed correctly.

You can also checkout the YouTube video below to get an overview of the new Installer App 4.0:

The RIP Dev team which has been working hard to release the new and improved Installer
so that it can also work with iPhone firmware 2.0 had this to say about the leak:

The RiP Dev team wants everyone to know that this is an ‘early beta‘ copy. This was LEAKED and was not intended to be released at this time. So, if there are bugs don’t blame the developers.

I would recommend you to wait for the RIP Dev Team to officially release it as the leaked early beta version might not be very stable.

It is also expected that when its officially released, it will be part of iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool like before and possibly also available on Cydia which will make it easier to install it on your jailbroken iPhone.

But if you are the adventurous types and have gone ahead and given this a shot (hopefully after taking a backup of your iPhone), then do let us know how it goes, we would love to hear from you in the comments.



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