iOS 14.5 Adds a New Layer of Security Against Zero-Click Exploits

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 22 Feb 2021

iOS 14.5 on iPhone 12

A new report claims that Apple has added a new language to the code of iOS 14.5 that adds an extra layer of protection against Zero-click exploits.

Apple released first iOS 14.5 beta earlier this month. An update to the first beta was released last week which included features like new 200+ emojis, updated Apple Music gestures, and the fix to green tint issue. A new report from Vice now claims that Apple has added a new layer of security to iOS 14.5 that protects it against Zero-click exploits.

Using Zero-click attacks, hackers can take access of your iPhone without the end-user performing any task. Since these attacks are hard to identify, it’s difficult for OEMs to include a ‘sophisticated’ software that protects the operating systems against these attacks. A new report from Vice says:

“The change is in the beta version of the next iOS version, 14.5, meaning it is currently slated to be added to the final release.

Several security researchers who specialize in finding vulnerabilities in and crafting exploits for iOS believe this new mitigation will make it much harder for hackers to take control of an iPhone. Apple also told Motherboard it believes the changes will impact 0-click attacks.”

Adam Donenfeld, a security researcher, said that he noticed these changes when he ‘reverse-engineered the iOS14.5 beta version.’ Zero-Click attacks are generally deployed by exploiting unsigned pointer in data. The new iOS beta has signed the bit that makes it ‘harder to corrupt these pointers to manipulate objects in the system.’ Patroklos Argyroudis, another security researcher from the firm CENSUS said the new beta has “raised the bar.”

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[Via Vice]