Some iPhone Users Not Getting Text Notifications Due to iOS 14 Bug

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 11 Dec 2020

iOS 14 Bugs

Many iOS users are facing issues when they receive SMS Texts and iMessages. There is no notification or even the red badge that signals a new unread message. This seems like a bug plaguing iOS users. Earlier only iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max users faced this issue. However, this time around, it is also affecting older iPhones.

The bug seems to be related to iOS 14, and it causes great inconvenience. I have personally faced this issue on my older iPhone and had to open my inbox and then check for new messages. The worst part is that it only happens sometimes and is thus very difficult to troubleshoot.

Support forums are flooding with workarounds, but a fix from Apple is long due. Some users suggest turning off Messages on a Mac or force closing the Messaging app after every outgoing text. As noted by others, the issue happens only to pinned contacts, and unpinning contact helps resolve the issue. However, not all of the methods are working for everyone, adding to the user’s frustrations.

iOS users are dejected that Apple has not yet released a fix for the issue. Many times I have faced this issue while waiting for an OTP. Unfortunately, the bug continues to exist on iOS 14.3, and we are not sure if the final iOS 14.3 will contain a fix for the message notification bug. Furthermore, the bug could also be related to carriers. If you are an iOS 14 user, ensure you check the inbox at regular intervals. This way, you will not miss new and essential messages.

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