iOS 14 is Now Installed on 86% of iPhones

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 26 Feb 2021

iOS 14.5 on iPhone 12

Apple released iOS 14 to the general public around six months ago, and the adoption rate has skyrocketed since. The company today has updated its iOS 14 adoption numbers today, and the numbers are reaching the sky.

According to the numbers updated on Apple’s App Store Developer website, iOS 14 is now installed on 80% of all the iPhones sold till date, and 86% of the iPhones sold in the last four years. On the other hand, iPadOS 14 is now installed on 70% of all active iPads and on 84% of iPads introduced in the last four years.

ios 14 adoption

According to the numbers posted on February 24, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 adoption has outstanding. It rose to 26% only a week after launch, and now it has risen to 86%. Comparing these values to the last reported, the adoption rate has gone up by 5%. Apple last updated its iOS adoption rate in December, when it revealed that iOS 14 was running on 81% of all devices.

Apple says 12% of all active iPhones are still running iOS 13, and just 2% of all the active iPhones are running iOS 13 or below. For those looking to compare these numbers to Android, we cannot compare these numbers since Google has stopped reporting Android adoption rates.

Apple is now on the track to release a fifth major update to iOS 14, iOS 14.5. iOS 14.5 will bring unlocking iPhone using Apple Watch support while wearing masks, Dual SIM 5G, app tracking transparency, and more.

Our Take

iOS 14 introduced a number of new features. Widgets, App Library, improvements to core apps, and loads of privacy-related features have impressed the masses, and it reflects in the latest adoption numbers. With Apple introducing App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5, the numbers are only bound to grow.

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