iOS 14 Weather App Could Look Like This if Apple Takes Design Cues From Dark Sky

BY Asif Shaik

Published 1 Apr 2020

iOS 14 Weather App UI Design Concept Dark Sky

It was announced yesterday that Apple had acquired popular hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky. After the announcement, people started was wondering if the iPhone maker would integrate Dark Sky into the iOS weather app. Now, we have a concept that shows how iOS 14’s new weather app could look like if Apple takes design cues from Dark Sky.

A new concept created by BuzzFeed’s Parker Ortolani shows Dark Sky’s simplistic UI design merged with Apple’s existing weather app. The design also shows maps integration into the weather app. Also, who can forget the Dark Sky style precipitation forecast interface? The whole concept looks extremely good-looking and cohesive.

The concept shows Apple-style ‘What’s New’ splash screen that shows all the new features, a redesigned UI screen that shows hourly weather conditions with a rain projection graph, a map radar view, and a stacked view for different cities/regions. Another image from the concept even shows how the app could look like in Dark Mode, complete with a deep black background.

Apple iOS 14 Weather App UI Design Concept Dark Sky Dark Mode

An interesting tweet from parody account @ParodySamsung sarcastically pointed out that Apple could even turn release a premium subscription for its weather app in the form of ‘Apple Weather+.’ We agree the tweet is quite funny.

We are not sure what plans Apple has in its mind with the Dark Sky acquisition. Still, we think the company could be interested in hyperlocal rain reports, the refreshing and simple UI design, and Dark Sky’s emphasis on user data privacy. The Cupertino-based firm could also bring a new weather app, based on Dark Sky, to iPadOS, macOS (through Catalyst), tvOS, and watchOS.

Are you a Dark Sky user? Let us know which features make you abandon Apple’s stock weather app in favor of Dark Sky.

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