iOS 7 does not bring iPhone 5s Burst mode to older devices

BY Jason

Published 15 Sep 2013


iOS 7 includes a new feature (or you could call it an improvement) that gives you the ability to shoot photos continuously by long pressing the shutter button.

While this a neat feature, contrary to some reports, it is nowhere close to the iPhone 5s’ burst mode, which takes 10 shots per second and then automatically selects the best one based on sharpness and clarity. This is also the reason Apple hasn’t mentioned it in iPhone 5c’s product page, which comes with the same camera as iPhone 5. It also looks like the feature has been available since beta 1.

The 10 fps burst mode is possible with iPhone 5s due to the new image signal processor (ISP) that is included in the A7 chip. Apple explains:

The faster, more powerful A7 chip in iPhone 5s includes a new image signal processor (ISP). Because it’s designed by Apple, the ISP is integrated with the iSight hardware and camera software, delivering faster photo capture and up to 2x faster autofocus.*

The ISP and faster sensor also make burst mode possible, which is great when your subject is in motion. Burst mode continuously captures 10 photos per second, letting you take hundreds of images so you don’t miss a moment. Intelligent software algorithms work behind the scenes to analyze all the shots in real time, comparing sharpness and clarity and even detecting when someone’s eyes are closed. Then iPhone suggests individual photos or a sequence of photos that you might like best.

In case of older iOS devices, the new feature allows you take photos continuously by long pressing the shutter button, but iOS does not analyze the shots in real time and pick the best photos, so you have to go through the cumbersome task of finding the best shot and deleting the other photos manually.

To see the new mode in action, just open iOS 7 Camera app and long tap the shutter button. You’ll see that iOS starts shooting and saving images to the Camera roll, but based on the tip we’ve received, the frequency of the shots appears to be approximately 1-2 photos per second. It should work with all iOS 7 compatible devices.

Let us know what you think of this new continuous shooting mode and if it working for you in the comments below.