iPhone 11 Pro with ‘Misprinted’ Logo Sells for Twice the Price of New iPhone

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 12 Apr 2021

Typically iPhones fetch a better resale value than other smartphones. Recently a report revealed Samsung Galaxy S21 is losing its value twice as fast as an iPhone 12. This time around, an iPhone 11 Pro with a “misprint” icon has sold for $2700. As you can see in the picture, the Apple logo is not aligned properly.

Internet Archives posted the image on Twitter, and you can see the misaligned rear Apple logo. The photos show iPhone 11 Pro from two angles. It looks like the Apple Logo is aligned slightly rightwards as opposed to the center.

Usually, the Apple logo is bang in the middle of the phone. This looks like a rare case of misprint wherein the logo is not in the center. Not only is the logo off-center, but it also looks like it is tilted at an angle. In all likelihood, this might be a manufacturing error, and perhaps the device was not properly positioned before the logo was printed.

Our Take

The Twitter handle mentions it’s an extremely rare misprint. However, apart from the picture, there is no additional evidence or information to prove that the iPhone 11 Pro in the picture is genuine. Furthermore, the Twitter handle has fewer followers but has previously posted images of prototypes.

The iPhone 11 Pro with misprinted logo could very well end up becoming a collector’s item. Apple keeps a tight leash on its manufacturing process, and it is very rare for such a faulty device to end up with consumers. Previously we have seen vintage items like Apple-1 sell for nearly half a million dollars and a Steve Jobs employment questionnaire sell for as much as $150,000.