Video: iPhone 11 Pro Survives a Month in Frozen Lake

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 25 Mar 2021

iphone 11 survive lake

A few weeks after a working iPhone 11 was found at the bottom of the lake, a new story published today claims an iPhone 11 Pro has survived a month in a deep-freezing lake in Canada.

A woman named Angie Carriere was celebrating her 50th birthday with her daughter in a fishing spot in Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada when she accidentally dropped her iPhone 11 Pro into the lake. “I had the phone on my knee, the tend blows up, I go to grab the tend and down there it goes,” told Angie Carriere to CTV News.

Even though she knew the location of her phone, she didn’t try to get it back. Until a month later, when she thought of hooking the fish stick with magnets and dropping it into the same spot at the lake. After two hours of non-stop searching, she was able to retrieve her phone.

Angie, initially, as her phone was still under warranty, thought of getting her phone replaced. But when she drove back home, with her frozen cold iPhone 11 Pro, and put it on the charge, she was surprised that it was working perfectly fine. “There’s nothing on the phone that doesn’t work. It’s amazing,” told Angie to the local news channel.

Even though Apple does not tout its iPhones as one of the most rugged smartphones on the planet, we have seen the cases of an iPhone surviving a fall from the plane, and an iPhone survive the extreme Icelandic weather. And rightly so, these are just some of the cases where the iPhones have survived such severe conditions. Check out some of our shortlisted best iPhone 12 cases, and iPhone 11 cases, to protect your expensive piece of tech.

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[Via CTV News]