iPhone 11 Pro Prices Slashed by As Much As $220 in China by Resellers

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Apr 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on smartphone sales worldwide. The iPhone is not immune to this downturn in sales as well. In February, Apple reportedly sold less than half a million units of iPhone in China due to the virus outbreak. Things might be slowly going back to normal in the region but demand for smartphones is still low. This has forced many Chinese retailers to slash iPhone 11 prices by as much as 1,600 yuan ($225) in hopes to boost sales.

Suning.com has reduced the price of the iPhone 11 Pro by 1,600 yuan ($225) to 7999 yuan ($1,128). The iPhone 11 Pro sees a reduction of 1,200 yuan ($170) and is now available for 7,499 yuan ($1057). The iPhone 11 has received a slightly smaller price cut of 500 yuan and is now available for 4,999 yuan.

iPhone 11 price cut China

It is clear that online retailers are reducing iPhone 11 prices in a bid to boost sales. As per the report, prices of 4G phones are expected to reduce further this year as companies push for 5G adoption among consumers. However, it is unclear just how much of an impact this price cut is going to have on iPhone 11 sales as economies worldwide have come to a screeching halt. While life in China is slowly getting back to normal after the COVID-19 outbreak, the impact of most of the major economies being shut down is going to be felt in the region as well.

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