iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates Drop To 1 Week In Some Countries

BY Jason

Published 26 Nov 2012

Supplies of the iPhone 5 continue to improve because estimated ship times are down to just 1 week in the some countries.

We just received a tip from our reader that the shipping estimates in Singapore have slipped to 1 week and when we randomly checked a few countries, the shipping estimates seem to have dropped to 1 week in AustraliaNew Zealand.

The estimated shipping times in the U.S., Canada and Europe is still 2 weeks currently.

The shipping estimates for Apple’s iPhone 5 had slipped to 3 to 4 weeks immediately after it went on sale in September, but the supplies have been improving in November, as the shipping estimates first dropped to two to three weeks and just two weeks last week.

Of course if you don’t want to wait two weeks, you can always try to reserve one at a store near you in the U.S. or Canada.

Thanks Stan for the tip!