Here Are the iOS 10 Features That Are Not Available on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 15 Sep 2016

apple iphone 5 vs iphone 5c

Apple released iOS 10 a few days ago and it comes jam-packed with new features and performance improvements. While this is an exciting news for many, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users are in for some surprise as few of our readers have pointed out that some of the features of iOS 10 don’t work on these devices.

iPhone 5 is the oldest iPhone model supporting iOS 10, which means that it may lack the hardware components required to support some of the new iOS 10 features. More specifically, the new features of Photos app such as Memories and People are not supported by iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 5C, which sports similar specs as the iPhone 5.

The Photos app is much smarter in iOS 10 as it takes advantage of image processing and AI to search for people’s faces and build an album out of it, making it a whole lot easier to find photos of your friends. You can also search for people, places, and objects inside photos.

Unfortunately, it seems that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C lack the hardware capability required to support these new features. Apart from this, Raise to Wake is another iOS 10 feature that works on limited iPhone models such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s & iPhone 7.

Given that the iPhone 5 was released four years ago, we should be thankful that Apple didn’t drop support for this model with the release of iOS 10. The fact that the firmware runs pretty well on a four years old iPhone is astonishing, not to mention that no other company offers this kind of support.

In addition to Raise to Wake and the new Photos app features, here’s a combination of other hardware and software features missing in iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 6s (excluding camera and performance improvements):

  • 64-bit and Metal API support
  • 3D Touch
  • Touch ID
  • Apple Pay
  • Night Shift
  • Safari Content Blocking
  • Step Tracking without external hardware such as Apple Watch
  • Burst photos
  • Slow-mo video

Are you disappointed that your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C don’t support the new Photos app features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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