iPhone 5c stops a bullet, saves owner’s life

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 May 2015

iPhone 5c shotgun

iPhones have taken bullet shots, absorbed the force of a bomb exploding to prevent key arteries from severing, and more to save the life of their owners. This time around, an iPhone 5c took the severe brunt of a gunshot that has saved the life of its 25-year old owner in Widnes, Cheshire.

The victim has still suffered serious abdominal injuries though. According to Detective Inspector Gary McIntyre from Cheshire Police, had the phone not been in the victim pocket, he would have “undoubtedly died.”


The incident occurred when the victim, Daniel Kennedy, went to talk to a group of teenagers who had shut off the water supply of their area. Instead of talking though, one of the teenagers — Ryan Duggan, 19 — took out his double-barrel shotgun and shot Kennedy. The force of the shot was so strong that Kennedy was taken off of his feet.

Pathologist Dr Brian Rogers who treated Kennedy said that “If one of those pellets had [hit] his aorta and gone into a vital organ, it would have led to significant internal haemorrhaging. He would have lost too much blood and would have died before he got to hospital.”

Duggan has been convicted and found guilty for attempted murder and for being in possession of a firearm without a license. He will be sentenced on 10th July.

[Via International Business Times]