iPhone 5c Will Be Added to Vintage Products List from October 31

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 6 Oct 2020

According to an internal memo, Apple will add iPhone 5c and the 15-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2014 version) to the list of vintage products on October 31st. The iPhone 5c was launched in 2013.

Earlier, once an Apple product is labeled ‘Vintage’, it was no longer serviced in any capacity at the Genius Bar or the Apple Authorized service. However, Apple extended repair programs for select vintage products in 2018. Thankfully, service for iPhone 5c and mid-2014 MacBook Pro will be available indefinitely. That said, the service is subject to parts availability.

Apple badges products that have been discontinued for more than 7 years as ‘Obsolete.’ There have been some exceptions, though, Monster branded Beats products were declared obsolete irrespective of when you have purchased them. On the other hand, products that have stopped selling between 5-7 years ago are branded ‘Vintage.’

The iPhone 5c debuted in 2013 and was offered as a budget alternative to the iPhone 5s. For the first time, the iPhone came in bright and bold colors like blue, green, pink, yellow, and white. The entry-level iPhone 5c was the most affordable iPhone in those times, and storage options started with 16GB. As far as pricing was concerned, the iPhone 5c was available for $99 in the US with a two-year contract.

If you are still clinging to an iPhone 5c, it is perhaps time to let go. The new iPhone SE offers a great value for money at $399 and is a great update. Furthermore, you can get the iPhone SE for much lower with an Unlimited plat at AT&T.  Apple has stopped offering a trade-in for iPhone 5c. But you can still trade-in at some retailers.

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